Monday, November 8, 2010

nov 8 update

Went to regular OB today and had bit of a scare but all turned out perfectly fine. My blood pressure was elevated as was the babies heartrates. Baby B on my right side was pretty high heartrate. They had me sit for a while and then re-test and his little heart was even faster. Soooo I got to go for observation at the hospital. They also ran my 24hr urine there. Rates all went back to normal and urine test came back in normal range. So false alarm!

I go to med center doc wed morning. Back to reg OB Monday and so on.

We had a nice weekend. Sat we mainly hung out with neighbors and Sunday dan did laundry and baked a turkey. He also made me a nice chicken salad spread using kroger rotissery chicken. All is well for now!

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