Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov 14 All is quiet

Well 33.5 weeks down, 3.5wks to go to scheduled delivery. My swelling and BP is up today, not sure that means anything though. I go see reg OB tomorrow and high risk Thursday. The high risk visits are the informative ones. They do a biophysical profile each week which is an ultrasound where the boys have to be seen doing certain things like good movement, practice breathing, good heartrates, etc.. then they do a 30-40min non-stress test where I sit in a recliner with two heartbeat monitors and a contraction monitor.

The boys have shifted. As of last Wed, both had turned head down. Previously B, Cole, was head up on my right side. He is still right side-no switching at this point but had flipped over. Well on Friday I think Reid "dropped" (called lightening) down into my pelvis area. Part of prepping for birth.. little do they know it doesn't matter. As a result, Cole seems to sort of curve more across the top of my belly. Yesterday he kept doing something like stick his bottom up and made a weird hill on the right side of my belly. Neat to watch. They seem to take turns in the activity department and sometimes get me worried as it will seem like way too much time has past before on or the other has moved in there.. I have my little fetal heartbeat monitor I rented so it brings comfort but also all the kick-count websites say that heartbeat distress is usually the last indicator and often too late. I am so tired of worrying. I wish I could just sleep this bed rest part away and save that sleep for later when I will so desperately need it. As it is I can't seem to nap and only way to sleep a solid night is benadryl or I have an OB prescribed sleep aide that I save for desperate nights. I have joked that I have pregnancy ADD, and it really is an apt description. So restless.

Home stretch now though. Took a breastfeeding class yesterday for a refresher course and to be able to ask questions regaarding twins. The instructor was great. Not so much learning on how-to that I didn't already know but interesting all the same. Guess that's all for now! If I don't write again till Thursday evening then all went normal at reg OB appt. Its just a BP check, heartbeat count, and make sure I'm not dilating for labor. Lots of braxton hicks yeserday bt nada today. Later!

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