Friday, November 19, 2010

nov 19 and 34 weeks

We went to the specialist yesterday and the babies are doing well, still no more high numbers in protein testing. Blood pressure slowly on rise. We are increasing that med a bit to help combat that. The only surprise came when they pput me on the contraction monitor and I promptlyhad 5 clearly defined (and felt!)contractions! Prior to this theywere infrequent and no pain. While these were not painful per se, they definitely had some menstrual cramping feel with them. Sooo.. I came home with a prescription to help keep uterus relaxed and stave off premature labor. She said babies wld be fine if meds didn't work, but that why have premature babies if avoidable. She said some docs wouldn't even medicate after the 34 wk mark but my boys while doing great are just smaller than a single baby. We will go back next wed am and get another growth measurement on them. In the meantime,my request for increased activity level was denied. Shower, heat food, and ocassional restaurant is ok. So that's where we are. Sorry this has typos etc. But I am lying down using my phone to update. More next week unless anything bizarre happens! BTW ontractionshavenot been noticably regular since the dr visit. Meds are a factor but I am not on them constantly.

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