Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 weeks

Well, the boys will be two week old tomorrow. Would have been 37 wks and 4 days gestation! Pretty wild! They are both doing quite well. They are good babies, only cry with reason and usually easily soothed. Nursing is getting better/easier each day so as a result I feel better each day. My mother and I took them to the dr on wed. They checked out very well. Cole had already regained his birthweight ahead of schedule and Reid hadn't quite made it yet but was holding his own.

They both lost their umbilical cords today and are almost completey healed frm circumcision.they sleep about 3hrs between feedings. I have been on "outings" twice now, once leaving them with Christine (dan's mom) and once with Dan. I hope to have clearance to drive on Thursday, althoug I hate getting dressed due to the in between pregnancy and normal stage my belly is in.

I know more pics are due! Wish I could upload them using my phone but I can't.

Friday, December 3, 2010

we are home

Well, its been a crazy week and life is complicated but good. First of all, thank you to all you well-wishers, and apologies that I haven't been better with updates. My world has narrowed to feedings, pain, medication, and attempts at sleep. Hasn't allowed for much else. I was discharged last night without Reid and Cole, but back up there this morning to feed and see if they'd get released. To our surprise and happiness we left with them by 12 noon. We spent the rest of the day trying to get some rythym and a nap. Sleep will be in very short supply until I can nurse both at same time. We are ready for visitors so just get in touch. At some point I will find some time to post some pictures. One last note- boone is a fantastic big brother already! So sweet it steals my breath!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reid and Cole are here!

The boys were born last night (11-29) via c-section at 7 pm. They are both doing very well. They are in NICU (neonatal ICU0 but are really doing very well. Reid was born first at 5lbs 13oz and 18.5in long. Cole came in at 4lbs 7.8ounces and also about 18in long. Both boys are on some IV antibiotics as a precaution, and Cole had amniotic fluid still in his lungs- same thing Boone did when born. Cole needed help breathing but is already completely off the oxygen canula. They are making excellent progress and other than Cole's size we expect a fairly short stay in NICU. Reid may get released before Cole but you never really know. I was able to breastfeed both around lunch time and this was huge. For babies who were born before even 36weeks gestation! Especially Cole since he is so small. I was really pleased.

As for how it went down, we came in Sunday morning due to my blood pressure. The c-section had already been moved from 37wks to 36 wks (which wld have been tomorrow 12/1) per the specialists recommendation. So they admitted us for a 24 hr urine and to stay until surgery whether or not it was Monday or wed. My labs came back with protein at 4pm yesterday so thus the surgery. I ate this morning for first time after 36hrs!! We will post pics when we can.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday in hospital

Well, we came in this morning cuz my BP had risen and I was getting everywhere from 156/113 and 147/99 was lowest. So I showered, packed, and came on in only to start reading lower bps! Mind you, I am on double by BP dosage but we but we are confused why so high at home and not here. We waited for about 3hrs for dr patel to come by, sure we were going home, but nope. Something was off in my urine and blood- not clear what or why and he said I was a. Trifecta of risk for sudden onset of preeclampsia and he wanted me to be admitted and get a cathater for a clean 24hr collection. I was dismayed. Either do the c-section or send me home! I suspect McDonald, my doc will prob go ahead with it tomorrow since we are scheduled for wed anyway.

So I am now hooked up with a foley (cathater) which absolutely sucks by the way. Get it after an epidural is the way to go. 6hrs later and mybody has finally accepted it only to have it start leaking! First time I was standing to strech ad almost thought my water broke. Well its leaked 3 more times. Just a bit but I refuse to get a new one and we are making do wth towels. Bet ya wanted to know all this huh?

Nice big room, loved our day nurse- Wilma from scotland. Had ultrasound stuff done of babies again but this time have to wait for it to input in computer and nurse to tell me.

Sooo.. here's hoping for tomorrow. I'm here and miserable so let's get it done!