Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reid and Cole are here!

The boys were born last night (11-29) via c-section at 7 pm. They are both doing very well. They are in NICU (neonatal ICU0 but are really doing very well. Reid was born first at 5lbs 13oz and 18.5in long. Cole came in at 4lbs 7.8ounces and also about 18in long. Both boys are on some IV antibiotics as a precaution, and Cole had amniotic fluid still in his lungs- same thing Boone did when born. Cole needed help breathing but is already completely off the oxygen canula. They are making excellent progress and other than Cole's size we expect a fairly short stay in NICU. Reid may get released before Cole but you never really know. I was able to breastfeed both around lunch time and this was huge. For babies who were born before even 36weeks gestation! Especially Cole since he is so small. I was really pleased.

As for how it went down, we came in Sunday morning due to my blood pressure. The c-section had already been moved from 37wks to 36 wks (which wld have been tomorrow 12/1) per the specialists recommendation. So they admitted us for a 24 hr urine and to stay until surgery whether or not it was Monday or wed. My labs came back with protein at 4pm yesterday so thus the surgery. I ate this morning for first time after 36hrs!! We will post pics when we can.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday in hospital

Well, we came in this morning cuz my BP had risen and I was getting everywhere from 156/113 and 147/99 was lowest. So I showered, packed, and came on in only to start reading lower bps! Mind you, I am on double by BP dosage but we but we are confused why so high at home and not here. We waited for about 3hrs for dr patel to come by, sure we were going home, but nope. Something was off in my urine and blood- not clear what or why and he said I was a. Trifecta of risk for sudden onset of preeclampsia and he wanted me to be admitted and get a cathater for a clean 24hr collection. I was dismayed. Either do the c-section or send me home! I suspect McDonald, my doc will prob go ahead with it tomorrow since we are scheduled for wed anyway.

So I am now hooked up with a foley (cathater) which absolutely sucks by the way. Get it after an epidural is the way to go. 6hrs later and mybody has finally accepted it only to have it start leaking! First time I was standing to strech ad almost thought my water broke. Well its leaked 3 more times. Just a bit but I refuse to get a new one and we are making do wth towels. Bet ya wanted to know all this huh?

Nice big room, loved our day nurse- Wilma from scotland. Had ultrasound stuff done of babies again but this time have to wait for it to input in computer and nurse to tell me.

Sooo.. here's hoping for tomorrow. I'm here and miserable so let's get it done!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Some November Pictures

Nothing to report. Just thought to post some pictures!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

35 weeks, one to go

Well, its official.. the scheduled c-section has been moved up a week to 36wks on Dec 1 at 12:30 at Methodist Sugar Land. This is, of course, assuming we can keep my BP down in the interim. My resting BP is creeping up each day.

We went to the specialist this morning and he is the one who made that decision, although I must say my regular OB has been predicting it for a while. We had a growth ultrasound today and they are both doing well. Average measurements. Reid is so planted in my pelvis that they could not get a good head measurement which is key to this calculation they do. They tried and tried, even trying to use gravity to slide him up a little. With one baby they don't have this problem cuz they can go from the side but Cole's head was in the way. So Cole measured 4lb 14oz and Reid at 5lb 9oz. They have been running closer than that- 3 wks ago it was only a 4 oz difference so I suspect Reid is more like 5lb 4oz or so. Basically each gained a pound in 3 weeks. With another week, if at the same rate we guess another 4-5oz gain each. And I say "we" as in Dan and I, not that the doctors speculated on what one more week will gain.

The specialist did warn us that it increases the chance of a NICU stay and even not going home with us. We are trying to be prepared for that but no matter what it will be hard.

My regular OB saw me when we stopped by there for bloodwork and stuff and they did a BP and it was high. She was going to send us on to the hospital but we really almost insisted that they take it again and fortunately it had gone down enough that she could release me. Now I just need to somehow get through my appt with her on Monday without my BP scaring her into an earlier delivery. I've decided 12/1 sounds like a good birthday. You have to understand that there is just something about that office that makes me always have a high BP. It does not get that high at home, and we did take my BP cuff to the specialists office to compare its readings and it is good, so we are not taking unnecessary chances.

On another note, my friend and neighbor, Mandy will probably have to be induced due to her own blood pressure readings and she is trying to hold out for Dec 1st too. Just coincidence, and may very well not happen as she is currently supposed to go to the hospital Friday afternoon for BP monitoring over a period of time and if its too high they will keep her overnight and induce Sat morning, but if its not bad enough yet, Dec 1 is her own goal (has to do with getting close to her due date). Would be pretty cool though. We have gone through this whole thing together since my carrying twins pretty much put us on the same time frame. In fact, we were both sent to the hospital on Monday for observation within 20 minutes of eachother and were in beds next to each other in their little triage area! Pretty wild! Laura, our other preggo friend is doing very well and still due in January.

Friday, November 19, 2010

nov 19 and 34 weeks

We went to the specialist yesterday and the babies are doing well, still no more high numbers in protein testing. Blood pressure slowly on rise. We are increasing that med a bit to help combat that. The only surprise came when they pput me on the contraction monitor and I promptlyhad 5 clearly defined (and felt!)contractions! Prior to this theywere infrequent and no pain. While these were not painful per se, they definitely had some menstrual cramping feel with them. Sooo.. I came home with a prescription to help keep uterus relaxed and stave off premature labor. She said babies wld be fine if meds didn't work, but that why have premature babies if avoidable. She said some docs wouldn't even medicate after the 34 wk mark but my boys while doing great are just smaller than a single baby. We will go back next wed am and get another growth measurement on them. In the meantime,my request for increased activity level was denied. Shower, heat food, and ocassional restaurant is ok. So that's where we are. Sorry this has typos etc. But I am lying down using my phone to update. More next week unless anything bizarre happens! BTW ontractionshavenot been noticably regular since the dr visit. Meds are a factor but I am not on them constantly.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov 14 All is quiet

Well 33.5 weeks down, 3.5wks to go to scheduled delivery. My swelling and BP is up today, not sure that means anything though. I go see reg OB tomorrow and high risk Thursday. The high risk visits are the informative ones. They do a biophysical profile each week which is an ultrasound where the boys have to be seen doing certain things like good movement, practice breathing, good heartrates, etc.. then they do a 30-40min non-stress test where I sit in a recliner with two heartbeat monitors and a contraction monitor.

The boys have shifted. As of last Wed, both had turned head down. Previously B, Cole, was head up on my right side. He is still right side-no switching at this point but had flipped over. Well on Friday I think Reid "dropped" (called lightening) down into my pelvis area. Part of prepping for birth.. little do they know it doesn't matter. As a result, Cole seems to sort of curve more across the top of my belly. Yesterday he kept doing something like stick his bottom up and made a weird hill on the right side of my belly. Neat to watch. They seem to take turns in the activity department and sometimes get me worried as it will seem like way too much time has past before on or the other has moved in there.. I have my little fetal heartbeat monitor I rented so it brings comfort but also all the kick-count websites say that heartbeat distress is usually the last indicator and often too late. I am so tired of worrying. I wish I could just sleep this bed rest part away and save that sleep for later when I will so desperately need it. As it is I can't seem to nap and only way to sleep a solid night is benadryl or I have an OB prescribed sleep aide that I save for desperate nights. I have joked that I have pregnancy ADD, and it really is an apt description. So restless.

Home stretch now though. Took a breastfeeding class yesterday for a refresher course and to be able to ask questions regaarding twins. The instructor was great. Not so much learning on how-to that I didn't already know but interesting all the same. Guess that's all for now! If I don't write again till Thursday evening then all went normal at reg OB appt. Its just a BP check, heartbeat count, and make sure I'm not dilating for labor. Lots of braxton hicks yeserday bt nada today. Later!

Monday, November 8, 2010

nov 8 update

Went to regular OB today and had bit of a scare but all turned out perfectly fine. My blood pressure was elevated as was the babies heartrates. Baby B on my right side was pretty high heartrate. They had me sit for a while and then re-test and his little heart was even faster. Soooo I got to go for observation at the hospital. They also ran my 24hr urine there. Rates all went back to normal and urine test came back in normal range. So false alarm!

I go to med center doc wed morning. Back to reg OB Monday and so on.

We had a nice weekend. Sat we mainly hung out with neighbors and Sunday dan did laundry and baked a turkey. He also made me a nice chicken salad spread using kroger rotissery chicken. All is well for now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/4 good news

Saw high risk doc today, got more labs bck and growth on babies. Its all good. My protein has gone way down in this particular 24hr sample they just received labs on and all other bloodwork looks really good. Baby A is head down on left side and weighs 4lbs 4 oz, baby b is head up on my right side and weighs 4lbs. We are all pleased with growth. They were both breathing in there. Tech said they often have to wait a while to see the breathing snce its not necessary-just practice but they were both doing it! I have only gained 1lb in a month! I stay on bed rest, allowed to drive to boone's school and to SL OB but no where else. I will see both docs every week. Was a very optimistic visit!! Gotta run! More later

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

32 weeks and Pre-eclampsia

Ok, so many of you know there has been a change in status for me. Last wed I dipped positive for protein in urine, a sign a pre-eclampsia which is dangerous for mostly me with regard to organ failure. Bed rest only "treatment" and delivery only "cure". So they did a 24hr urine collection and bloodwork. This is what evryone has been watching mefor since I began to develop it when they induced labor with boone at 37wks and cuz twins increase my risk further. Well itseems I have it. I was at 300mg protein when induced with boone and Monday my labs came back with 781mg.th
The bright side is my blood pressure is only slowly rising so far. If I get to 2000mg protein or 160/110 BP they will immediately take the babies out. She has me on strict bed rest- not even driving!

So this is what I learned today and the plan. Pre-e is cyclical. Protein levels can fluctuate greatly. The babies should not be affected unless I was allowed to get severe and that won't happen the way I am being watched. I can heat lunch, shower and eve sit up, but othrwise she said be a princess. If bed rest doesn't control protein
levels then I get hospitalized. I left urine collection and blood today and am currently collecting another 24hr worth to drop tomorrow with blood again. Thursday morning dan and I will go to 8am appt with high risk doc in med center. At that visit we will see growth rate and estimated size of babes and fnd out if I should be given steroid shots to spped up lung development. Then that afternoon we will go back to see dr. Mcdonald again. Beyond that, we ju
st don't know. Other than we definitely expect to deliver much earlier than 37 weeks and should be prepared for a NICU stay .