Tuesday, November 2, 2010

32 weeks and Pre-eclampsia

Ok, so many of you know there has been a change in status for me. Last wed I dipped positive for protein in urine, a sign a pre-eclampsia which is dangerous for mostly me with regard to organ failure. Bed rest only "treatment" and delivery only "cure". So they did a 24hr urine collection and bloodwork. This is what evryone has been watching mefor since I began to develop it when they induced labor with boone at 37wks and cuz twins increase my risk further. Well itseems I have it. I was at 300mg protein when induced with boone and Monday my labs came back with 781mg.th
The bright side is my blood pressure is only slowly rising so far. If I get to 2000mg protein or 160/110 BP they will immediately take the babies out. She has me on strict bed rest- not even driving!

So this is what I learned today and the plan. Pre-e is cyclical. Protein levels can fluctuate greatly. The babies should not be affected unless I was allowed to get severe and that won't happen the way I am being watched. I can heat lunch, shower and eve sit up, but othrwise she said be a princess. If bed rest doesn't control protein
levels then I get hospitalized. I left urine collection and blood today and am currently collecting another 24hr worth to drop tomorrow with blood again. Thursday morning dan and I will go to 8am appt with high risk doc in med center. At that visit we will see growth rate and estimated size of babes and fnd out if I should be given steroid shots to spped up lung development. Then that afternoon we will go back to see dr. Mcdonald again. Beyond that, we ju
st don't know. Other than we definitely expect to deliver much earlier than 37 weeks and should be prepared for a NICU stay .

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