Wednesday, November 24, 2010

35 weeks, one to go

Well, its official.. the scheduled c-section has been moved up a week to 36wks on Dec 1 at 12:30 at Methodist Sugar Land. This is, of course, assuming we can keep my BP down in the interim. My resting BP is creeping up each day.

We went to the specialist this morning and he is the one who made that decision, although I must say my regular OB has been predicting it for a while. We had a growth ultrasound today and they are both doing well. Average measurements. Reid is so planted in my pelvis that they could not get a good head measurement which is key to this calculation they do. They tried and tried, even trying to use gravity to slide him up a little. With one baby they don't have this problem cuz they can go from the side but Cole's head was in the way. So Cole measured 4lb 14oz and Reid at 5lb 9oz. They have been running closer than that- 3 wks ago it was only a 4 oz difference so I suspect Reid is more like 5lb 4oz or so. Basically each gained a pound in 3 weeks. With another week, if at the same rate we guess another 4-5oz gain each. And I say "we" as in Dan and I, not that the doctors speculated on what one more week will gain.

The specialist did warn us that it increases the chance of a NICU stay and even not going home with us. We are trying to be prepared for that but no matter what it will be hard.

My regular OB saw me when we stopped by there for bloodwork and stuff and they did a BP and it was high. She was going to send us on to the hospital but we really almost insisted that they take it again and fortunately it had gone down enough that she could release me. Now I just need to somehow get through my appt with her on Monday without my BP scaring her into an earlier delivery. I've decided 12/1 sounds like a good birthday. You have to understand that there is just something about that office that makes me always have a high BP. It does not get that high at home, and we did take my BP cuff to the specialists office to compare its readings and it is good, so we are not taking unnecessary chances.

On another note, my friend and neighbor, Mandy will probably have to be induced due to her own blood pressure readings and she is trying to hold out for Dec 1st too. Just coincidence, and may very well not happen as she is currently supposed to go to the hospital Friday afternoon for BP monitoring over a period of time and if its too high they will keep her overnight and induce Sat morning, but if its not bad enough yet, Dec 1 is her own goal (has to do with getting close to her due date). Would be pretty cool though. We have gone through this whole thing together since my carrying twins pretty much put us on the same time frame. In fact, we were both sent to the hospital on Monday for observation within 20 minutes of eachother and were in beds next to each other in their little triage area! Pretty wild! Laura, our other preggo friend is doing very well and still due in January.

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