Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

Hello All! Nothing much new to report, just wanted to post an update! The boys are doing just fine. My last regular OB appt was a week ago and next week I go back to visit the maternal-fetal specialists (high risk OB).

I am now on a every 2 week visit schedule to check cervix. I will continue to see both doctors, however if everything continues to go smoothly I will deliver with regular OB at Methodist Sugar Land around 37 weeks (early December). If I understand right, we will have to deliver in med center if they come before 34 weeks. Between 34 and 37 weeks I guess it just depends on circumstances.

We are still trying to decide on names for these kiddos! I have spent countless hours coming up with lists to discuss with Dan. We have several we like but I just can't seem to commit! I have time, of course, but there are things I'd like to do in the nursery that involve their names. One of which is the bedding I have selected- the quilts are personalized. If interested in my nursery theme you can see the bedding at

We start on the nursery this month. Dan will put the new flooring in next weekend. I have been painting a farm scene on a mirror to hang in there- I love painting on mirrors as you can use a razor blade to correct mistakes! (smile). We have pulled out all Boone's old stuff out of the attic and have stacks of clothes boxes I need to sort through and start washing. My good friend, Emily, has some boy stuff for me too. There are some things we can't use since we are having two, but two of our friends/neighbors are also pregnant, so we'll see what they can use. My friend Mandy who is about 3 weeks ahead of me and thus due around the same time as me is having a little girl- Addison Morgan. Our friend, Laura is hopefully finding out today what she is having. She is a little over 3 weeks behind me, but again since I have to deliver 3 weeks early that pushes it to more like 6 weeks.

Boone started preschool last week and absolutely positively LOVES it!! I have never seen him so animated as when he gets in the car and starts rattling on about all they did! He is becoming quite social- we have spent a lot of lunches at Chik File so he can play with whatever kids are there (and there are ALWAYS kids there!). I just sit with a book or make lists of names!

As for me, personally, I am doing okay. I confess to battling hormonal depression and the fatigue is coming back. Seems early for that, but I guess everything is different with 2. Sleeping is an inconsistant thing at night and I swear I have "gestational ADD" if there is such a thing. I can't seem to find anything to hold my attention long- like a book which has always been my escape! Although, I have really enjoyed my mirror painting, so that is something. I wish all my shows would start again- I have never longed for good tv before! Always opted for books in the past. Thank goodness for my neighbors! For example, I stopped by Saturday night at Mandy's house and we ended up with an impromptu party with Bonnie and Kristie also coming over. It was very nice. I hope things don't change once we all start popping babies!

Anyway, visiting my brother's new blog of his marriage proposal got me on here, and I promise to try to be better about posting! Don't give up on me yet! I'm sure this will become a big picture posting site once the boys are here too.

FYI- September 11, I am paying for a 3D ultrasound for those inclined to go watch, and for those who can not- I will have a video that I will find some way to get online. In October, there will be a family-shower (date to be announced), and there will be a big shower for all three of us neighbor girls here at my house the evening of October 23. We are going to have a barbeque for everyone, and then kick the guys out and have a girly shower. The invitations will come out in september- it will appear as a shower just for me so there is no confusion. Only those "fortunate" enough to know all three of us will be stuck buying multiple gifts! :)

So for those of you tracking this stuff here is what is upcoming:
September 1- my Echocardiogram to check my heart as a precaution
September 7- MFM (maternal fetal medicine/aka high risk OB) appt
September 11- 3D Ultrasound for fun
September 13- regular OB visit

busy busy! Bye for now!

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