Monday, June 21, 2010

12 wks 5 days Visit with Maternal Fetal Specialist

Today we went for the first trimester screening and another consulation with the high risk OB/ Maternal Fetal Specialist. The fluid behind the neck looks fine and they sent of my bloodwork to check for certain proteins in my blood produced by the babies that might indicate a chromosomal disorder like down syndrome. Its all about percentages and even a "positive" result just means that the odds are better that one will have a disorder but is not a for sure.

They did a nice long ultrasound and checked all body parts they could see and all looks good. They are growing consistantly and have remained within 2 days of eachother throughout so far. Twin B sure looks like a boy at this point and we can't tell with Twin A. Its still early yet. I visit my regular OB 7/12 and will be 16wks then and have a better chance at telling gender if they cooperate. If not, the big 2hour ultrasound for the anatomy is at 20wks and that is August 9th.

Both babies were very active, but Twin B was especially bouncy so we didn't get a good profile shot. At the very end we got a pretty decent shot of both of them side by side "looking out". I took pics with my phone of the two best ultrasound printouts and will try to post them here.

As for me, blood pressure is good, no weight gain (definitely have baby tummy though), and so far so good! The specialist said that if if continue to do well I won't really need to see them routinely- just as needed. I did learn that she said it would be great to get to 37weeks but would probably not be allowed to go beyond that. So for all intents and purposes my due date is actually December 8.

I don't know how often I will post here- my ipod won't cooperate so I have to use the computer. All the more reason I should get a mini-laptop or an Ipad right? ha ha.. I will try to be good about it so those that are interested can periodically check. For me, no news is good news. I will definitely post after the July 12 appt!

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